Promoting an Awareness of Family Health History and Future Health in LGBT Families

LGBT families are created in many unique ways. This website was created to help LGBT families understand how health, family history, and genetic background are an important part of future health.

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The LGBT Family Health History Initiative Has Tools and Information to Help You on the Journey to Future Health

Common diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes can run in families. Your personal health is not only influenced by your environment and lifestyle, but also by your family health history. You may wonder:

Will my relative’s health condition affect my future health?

What should I look for in my family health history?

How will my child’s health be affected by the medical history of their biological parent(s)?

Our website contains tools and resources specifically for LGBT families to increase understanding of how family health history affects health, and to help individuals gather family history information. It is our goal that through increased awareness and access to information, you and your family may begin the journey to discussing a personalized wellness plan with your medical providers.

A Guide to Family Health History

This toolkit will help you collect, organize, and understand your family health history. In “Book 1: A Guide to Family Health History”, each section includes choices of activities. Choose the activity that works best for you. Download/Print

family health history toolkit

A Guide for Understanding Genetics and Health

Family health history gives you an idea of which diseases run in your family. Health problems that develop at a younger age than usual can be a clue that your family has a higher risk. Download/Print

Family Health History Toolkit

Thank You

This project has been supported through grants and donations. We would like to thank Dr. Murray Nusbaum MD, NYS Department of Health-AIDS Institute, LGBT Health and Human Services and Genetic Alliance.
If you would like to support LGBT Family Health History contact us.